Phil's first solo CD in nearly twenty years. Recorded on his new Guitarp, "Honey", pictured below.



Phil's 4th Guitar

This is the first Guitarp made by Vince Guidroz of New Orleans Guitar Co...
top is Port Orford cedar, sidewalls, back and neck back are all Honduran mahogany...
the Bolivian rosewood is the fat outer band of the binding, as well as all the other details like the
bridges and tail, the fine line inner strips of the binding are curly maple and ebony,
the fretboard and head top are ebony. Dimarzio pick-ups, Richard Barbera transducers for harp strings.

credit for new guitarp pics go to my bro Pierre


Now available from Ted Greene Remembered, a tribute to the legendary guitarist and beloved teacher.Featured artists include: Tommy Emmanuel, Laurence Juber, Lee Ritenour, George Winston, Dan Sawyer, Anthony Wilson, Mark Goldenberg, Jay Graydon, Phil deGruy, Steve Ferguson, Stephen Bruton and a John Pisano-Ted Greene duet. Produced by Tom Bocci with liner notes by Barbara Franklin and the players themselves.

Proceeds from the sale of "Ted Greene Remembered" will benefit, a Website devoted to sharing Ted's guitar teachings worldwide. Please visit to learn more about Ted Greene and his life's work.

This is what "Vintage Guitar" magazine said about Phil.

Phil de Gruy is one of the most astounding talents to ever touch strings. He commands his instrument, the harp guitar, or guitarp, passionately, flawlessly and with a sense of artistry that only a few fall out of bed with. This medley of Who Can I Turn To? and My Romance will have you hitting the repeat button to be sure you just heard what you did. Other artists have used the harp guitar as a concert novelty, and in varying degrees of seriousness, but Phil de Gruy, like Earl Scruggs, George Van Eps, Wes Montgomery and Charlie Christian has taken his instrument into new dimensions.


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"deGruy is one the finest players ever, and you need this CD."  --Guitar Player Magazine, April 2005

"Inspired...eccentric...gorgeous...genius." --Jazztimes, April 2005

"JUST DUET" - An exciting new symphony of duets with... 

Larry Coryell, Charlie Hunter, Mike Stern, Hank Mackie, Reeves Gabriels, Steve Masakowski, and David Tronzo.

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He's a virtuosic genre-straddler with a flair for solo guitar inventions and a blissful resistance to convention.
    -- Josef Woodard, JazzTimes, April 1995.

The wet & lovely P.d. makes the music of the heavens . . . if it was played by wino angels with light bulbs for heads, freshly seasoned, lightly battered and just back from getting a tune-up at Fischer-Price water house.
                        -- Reeves Gabrels

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